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The Viktor Frankl Institute of South Africa uses Logotherapy as a meaning-centred response to personal and global healing. Through the efforts of the Institute, Logotherapy in South Africa has become a cross-cultural triumph in the commitment to serving others. This website provides extensive and valuable information about Viktor Frankl and Logotherapy; you can also find details about educational courses and workshops available for those interested in Logotherapy, follow up on VFISA events and happenings, explore our recommended literature and articles, locate details of practicing Logotherapists in South Africa and discover meaning in your life!

Please note that this website is currently under construction and we are working on adding much more interesting and useful information during the next couple of months.


About Logotherapy

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Logotherapy is based on the works of Viktor Frankl, a famous existentialist philosopher, psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor. He is the author of the best-seller: Man's Search for Meaning, which records his experiences in the Nazi concentration camps. Although Frankl initially was a personal student of Freud, he formed his own theory of human behaviour called logotherapy and had formulated many of his ideas before being imprisoned. Logotherapy is described as a meaning-centred psychotherapy. The word 'logos' is a Greek word which also denotes 'meaning'. The word 'therapy' originates from the Greek word 'therapia' which literally means 'service'. Thus, logotherapy is a therapy through which one can be helped to find meaning – the meaning of one's own life as many people feel that their lives are void of any meaning.

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We can discover meaning in life in three different ways: (1) by doing a deed; (2) by experiencing a value; and (3) by suffering. Viktor Frankl

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