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Sorette Roose (van Jaarsveld)

VFISA Advisory Board

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Logotherapist – Individual and Group Facilitation

Sorette draws on her academic Psychological, Logotherapy and Organisational Development training, and her own experiences, when interacting with others. Her interactions include working with groups, involved in facilitating leadership- and culture transformation as well as diversity- and change workshops. Working with individuals, she is involved in life coaching and counselling.

Personal note

Sorette Roose is passionate about creating awareness for people to think about the meaning of their lives. Her belief is simple; everyone is born with a purpose in their heart to be discovered throughout their lives. Sorette's curiosity to find the purpose and meaning of her numerous experiences and interactions has prepared her to facilitate conversation with others to do the same. She beliefs that life is continuously spilling out generosity and look at all interactions and experiences as gifts. She thereby embraces the principle of people taking reciprocal responsibility of being a teacher and a student at any given moment. Living in the “now” and discovering the uniqueness of every situation and person has prepared her to facilitate conversations where people discover their own authentic uniqueness.

Sorette believes that each person should make time to reflect on their numerous experiences and interactions. Through this reflection meaning is discovered which leads to a higher sense of wisdom. This inspires and motivates people to discover the higher purpose of their existence. She believes that the workplace is an ideal place for such meaning to be discovered as work forms an integral part of the lives of most people. The workplace is therefore an ideal place where meaningful transformation can take place when people integrate their numerous meaning discoveries and collectively transform organisations to make a meaningful contribution to society.


  • Bachelor of Law (1994): University of South Africa.
  • B.A. in Psychology (1999): University of South Africa.
  • Honours in Psychology (2002): University of South Africa.
  • Master of Arts in Psychology Cum Laude (2004), Title of thesis: Finding Meaning in the Workplace: University of South Africa.
  • Certificate in Logotherapy, Centre for Applied Psychology, University of South Africa (2004).
  • Associate in Logotherapy, Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Dallas, Texas, (2005).
  • Diplomate Educator, Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Dallas, Texas (2005).
  • Certificate in Group Process and Consultation, Centre for Industrial and Organisational Psychology, University of South Africa (2006).
  • Registered as Counsellor (Specialist/Counselling/Research) at the Council for Counsellors South Africa (2007).
  • Facilitation and Therapy, Centre for Industrial and Organisational Psychology, University of South Africa (2007).
  • Diplomate Clinician, Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Dallas, Texas (2009).

Published articles:


Susan Jackson

VFISA Advisory Board

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Curriculum Vitae

  • Logotherapy–Diplomate Clinician – (U.S.A)(UNISA).
  • Professional Nursing sister.
  • Represented South Africa at World Nursing Congress 1969.
  • Lecturer and Writer.
  • Lecturer at childcare college 1998 -2001 - Lectured on Children and Loss, Disenfranchised Loss & Self - Awareness.
  • Hospice Caregiver, trainer & Group Facilitator for 18 years.
  • Supervision of Home care nurses.
  • Nechama (Jewish Bereavement).
  • Facilitator of Self–awareness courses.
  • Facilitator Bereavement Workshops and Support Groups.
  • In Private practice specializing in counseling for bereavement, grief and self-awareness.
  • Teacher of meditation and visualization techniques.
  • UNISA–Applied Psychology Department – Logotherapy Facilitator/Trainer(2005/7).
  • Co-founder and board member S.A. Vicktor Frankl Institute.
  • Motivational Speaker.
  • Wife, Mother, Mother-in-Law, Grandmother.

Wendy Hendler

VFISA Advisory Board

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Curriculum Vitae

I attended the More to Life Program in 1996. Since then I have been facilitating More to Life courses, The Power of Purpose and the Power of Self Esteem, and have run over 30 courses. In 2009 I became a certified Life Coach and I provide individual as well as corporate coaching.

I have a background in Speech and Hearing Therapy and worked with children in the field for 10 years, maintaining two practices and employing therapists, guiding and nurturing them along the way.

In 2003 I began to study Logotherapy – Viktor Frankl's counselling approach which helps people heal through finding meaning in their lives. I became a Diplomate Clinician in Logotherapy (Unisa Applied Centre of Psychology, in conjunction with the Viktor Frankl Institute, Dallas). I served as a trainer of the Advanced Student's Program at Unisa from 2005 - 2007 and am a board member of the Viktor Frankl Institute of South Africa. I develop and run workshops for bringing Logotherapy and More to Life to various groups and organizations in the community. In 2009 I designed and trained a corporate workshop “Stress Management at Work – the Healing Power of Meaning” which blends principles and tools of both Logotherapy and Life Coaching.

I am passionate about helping people tap into their nobility of spirit and live their lives with a deep sense of meaning and purpose. The More to Life coaching blended with Logotherapy allows me to facilitate personal transformation in a professional way, and answers my personal call to meaning in my life.

Together with my husband Ron, we lead an orthodox Jewish community of 50 families from our home in Johannesburg. As a mother of 7 children and grandmother of 3, I find my skills invaluable in serving my community and supporting individuals in the community with personal and family issues.


Elma Bartlett

VFISA Advisory Board

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Academic qualifications:

  • Finished matric in 1976 at Menlopark High School, Pretoria.
  • Completed B.A. (Social work) in 1980 at University of Pretoria cum laude.
  • Obtained the MA (Social Work) degree cum laude at University of Pretoria in February 1984.

Title of dissertation: “Group work with divorced women”

Continuing professional development:

  • Parent guidance course presented by prof. Deon van Wyk. (RAU)
  • Course in divorce mediation presented by SAAM.
  • Course in divorce counseling presented by dr. Nicky Alpaslan.
  • Child assessment course at RP Clinic.
  • RP Play therapy course.
  • Basic counseling course (FAMSA, 1993).
  • Couple counseling course (FAMSA, 1993).
  • Group therapy counseling course (FAMSA, 1996).
  • Trauma therapy course (FAMSA, 1997).
  • Narrative therapy course (FAMSA, Basic, Intermediate and Advance, 1998-1999).
  • Child assessment course of Perspective Training College (1995).
  • Kersey personality test (1996).
  • Managing difficult children(2004).
  • Narrative therapy: Freedman and Combs – Chicago (2000).
  • Narrative therapy: Michael White (2000).
  • Course in Addictions: Houghton House (2001).
  • David Epston Workshop: Putting the narrative in narrative therapy (2002).
  • Logo therapy course (UNISA): basic, intermediate and advance course (2004,2005).
  • Completed the Training the Trainer course in Logotherapy in order to obtain the Diplomat Clinician in Logotherapy.

Practical experience

  • Worked as a social worker at the Institute for Child and Parent Guidance at RAU from 1981 till end of 1983.
  • Parent guidance counselor at the South African Women's Federation from 1984 till 1985. Organized parent guidance groups and single parent groups.
  • Part time lecturer in social work care at Pretoria Technicon. 1985 till 1988.
  • Private practice in Pretoria from 1989 till 1992.Specialized in divorce therapy and parental guidance.
  • Were involved with the establishment of several single parent groups.
  • Between 1993 and 1998 director of FAMSA Potchefstroom. Gained experience in group therapy, marital therapy, marriage enrichment, divorce therapy, divorce mediation, training of marriage counselors, community development, addictions, management of an office and organization, fundraising, administrative work and committee work.
  • Since 1996 in a part time private practice, specializing in:

    • Divorce therapy,
    • Child assessment and therapy,
    • Marriage counseling,
    • Trauma debriefing,
    • Divorce mediation,
    • Training of caregivers and counselors.
  • Moved to Johannesburg in October 1998.
  • Was involved at the Milpark hospital between 1998-2003 with group therapy on a daily basis with patients with depression, burnout and addiction problems. Worked closely with dr. Jonathan Moch (psychiatrist).
  • Since 1999 part of the Careways group's EAP program (Wellness Center) as a therapist focusing on wellness at work, stress relief as well as addiction problems.
  • Participated in the FOTEO (From ordinary to extraordinary) programme. Responsible for training of facilitators and act as a group facilitator as well.
  • Currently involved with the EAP program at Investec and Oracle as a therapist.
  • Currently establishing groups for women in midlife in enable them to find meaning.
  • Apart from the above my current private practice involves the following:

    • Divorce mediation and divorce counseling,
    • Marital and couple therapy,
    • Family therapy,
    • Child assessment and child therapy,
    • Trauma debriefing,
    • Stress relief programs,
    • Personal growth therapy,
    • Depression and psychiatric problems,
    • Addictions,
    • Group therapy,
    • Supervision,
    • Logotherapy.

Personal Information

Married to dr. André Bartlett, minister of the Dutch Reformed Church Aasvoëlkop, with three daughters.


Coral Wilder

VFISA Advisory Board

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I am currently completing the research component of the fourth year (Diplomat year) in the study of Logotherapy, Research and Education through the Department of Applied Psychology at University of South Africa and have focused on discovering meaning through authentic living.

To achieve this I elected to specialise in the application and use of ‘Life Re-View' as a vehicle and, awareness or consciousness of the ‘Transitoryness of Time' as a motivation.

My previous experience and expertise is in the ‘not for profit' or cause-related worlds.

The work that I undertook was:-

  • To conceptualize, unlock and create marketing and fundraising programmes for top-level, value-based organisations using sound, proven business principles, process and methodology.
  • To add value to existing programmes.
  • To implement and manage such programmes/projects.
  • To establish strategic partnerships.
  • To conceptualize and implement other beneficial business opportunities.

Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy of South Africa

I am currently on the National committee of this organisation and will be responsible for the sourcing, establishing, connecting and networking of logotherapy work or projects.


Fundraising and marketing expertise

Prior to 1994, I worked in property, property development, store design engineering and tourism. I was involved in marketing, selling, communicating, and working with the media and on PR projects.

I then began a career in the NGO environment:-

Endangered Wildlife Trust – (EWT)

In April 1994, I joined the Endangered Wildlife Trust as their Fundraising and Marketing Manager. The decade that followed was characterized by some of the biggest changes in South African history. In keeping with these changes and with a view to growing the organisation accordingly, we moved along a very interesting and dynamic marketing and project path.

In 1994 the Trust had 6 ‘Working Groups' (major projects) and was raising approximately R2 million p.a. This money came from sentiment driven donations, both company and individuals. A decade later we had 26 ‘Working Groups' and required approximately R18 million p.a. My role in this growth was the development and management of a variety of fundraising, marketing, P.R. and communications programmes, all of which were designed to facilitate and enhance the growth of the projects.

We identified and worked through, relevant opportunities that addressed critical Corporate Social Responsibility needs. Companies invested in our projects because it was the right thing to do. We progressed to Corporate Social Investment initiatives where donations were geared towards investing in future generations (or leave sentence as is). Legacy projects were a feature of this phase. As the economy tightened and as competition for funding grew, the nature of donations shifted towards Sponsorships; here companies are better equipped to justify their investment to stakeholders, investors and society.

We moved into looking at ways of involving donors for whom it made good ‘business sense' to attract donations that supported their ‘business strategy'. This integration of donations aligned to business strategy resulted in the concept of ‘Business Units'. A Business Unit is an informal partnership with business or with an individual who has the expertise to generate income that benefits the cause. (a cause is this context is a conservation project) In this instances the beneficiary's network play a key role.

I steered the above processes using the following vehicles and activities:

  • Donor Marketing – Building support from companies and individuals.
  • Communications – Articles in our in-house magazine, television and talks on radio.
  • Strategic Partnerships – In addition to partnerships with a variety of advertising agencies and communications companies, I established a significant number of strong and effective partnerships with companies.
  • Public Relations – Strong associations were built with high profile initiatives, presence was made on a variety of outdoors and tourist exhibitions. Partnerships were established with P.R companies implemented on our behalf.
  • Business Development – funding was secured through business opportunities and branding.
  • Fundraising events – These ranged from vehicle competitions to corporate weekends where we raised up to R 2.5 million in one weekend.

Food Gardens Foundations

Participated on the Board of FGF for two years, advising and participating on a number of levels.

Worked with Mayford Seeds who were the key sponsors of this organisation.

ORT (Organisation for Resources and Technology)

Following the EWT, I joined ORT South Africa. An international organisation with offices in 60 countries; ORT works in the field of education in science and technology. I was their Fundraising Manager for one year and in that time, drove the following projects:-

  • Organised a corporate breakfast to launch their new ‘Virtual Share' programme.
  • Worked with top companies directly for the purpose of raising funds for specific projects. Some of these companies included Toyota, Cape Gate, MacSteel, AlexanderForbes, Edward Nathan and, Coca Cola.
  • Designed and implemented a strategy for medium and long-term fundraising, communication and public relations programmes.

Prior to that I was involved in sales and marketing at various levels in the property industry including domestic housing and property development.


Meaningful quotes

When we understand that man is the only animal who must create meaning, who must open a wedge into neutral nature, we already understand the essence of love. Love is the problem of an animal who must find life, create a dialogue with nature in order to experience his own being. Ernest Becker

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