Elma Bartlett

VFISA Advisory Board

Academic qualifications:

  • Finished matric in 1976 at Menlopark High School, Pretoria.
  • Completed B.A. (Social work) in 1980 at University of Pretoria cum laude.
  • Obtained the MA (Social Work) degree cum laude at University of Pretoria in February 1984.

Title of dissertation: “Group work with divorced women”

Continuing professional development:

  • Parent guidance course presented by prof. Deon van Wyk. (RAU)
  • Course in divorce mediation presented by SAAM.
  • Course in divorce counseling presented by dr. Nicky Alpaslan.
  • Child assessment course at RP Clinic.
  • RP Play therapy course.
  • Basic counseling course (FAMSA, 1993).
  • Couple counseling course (FAMSA, 1993).
  • Group therapy counseling course (FAMSA, 1996).
  • Trauma therapy course (FAMSA, 1997).
  • Narrative therapy course (FAMSA, Basic, Intermediate and Advance, 1998-1999).
  • Child assessment course of Perspective Training College (1995).
  • Kersey personality test (1996).
  • Managing difficult children(2004).
  • Narrative therapy: Freedman and Combs – Chicago (2000).
  • Narrative therapy: Michael White (2000).
  • Course in Addictions: Houghton House (2001).
  • David Epston Workshop: Putting the narrative in narrative therapy (2002).
  • Logo therapy course (UNISA): basic, intermediate and advance course (2004,2005).
  • Completed the Training the Trainer course in Logotherapy in order to obtain the Diplomat Clinician in Logotherapy.

Practical experience

  • Worked as a social worker at the Institute for Child and Parent Guidance at RAU from 1981 till end of 1983.
  • Parent guidance counselor at the South African Women's Federation from 1984 till 1985. Organized parent guidance groups and single parent groups.
  • Part time lecturer in social work care at Pretoria Technicon. 1985 till 1988.
  • Private practice in Pretoria from 1989 till 1992.Specialized in divorce therapy and parental guidance.
  • Were involved with the establishment of several single parent groups.
  • Between 1993 and 1998 director of FAMSA Potchefstroom. Gained experience in group therapy, marital therapy, marriage enrichment, divorce therapy, divorce mediation, training of marriage counselors, community development, addictions, management of an office and organization, fundraising, administrative work and committee work.
  • Since 1996 in a part time private practice, specializing in:

    • Divorce therapy,
    • Child assessment and therapy,
    • Marriage counseling,
    • Trauma debriefing,
    • Divorce mediation,
    • Training of caregivers and counselors.
  • Moved to Johannesburg in October 1998.
  • Was involved at the Milpark hospital between 1998-2003 with group therapy on a daily basis with patients with depression, burnout and addiction problems. Worked closely with dr. Jonathan Moch (psychiatrist).
  • Since 1999 part of the Careways group's EAP program (Wellness Center) as a therapist focusing on wellness at work, stress relief as well as addiction problems.
  • Participated in the FOTEO (From ordinary to extraordinary) programme. Responsible for training of facilitators and act as a group facilitator as well.
  • Currently involved with the EAP program at Investec and Oracle as a therapist.
  • Currently establishing groups for women in midlife in enable them to find meaning.
  • Apart from the above my current private practice involves the following:

    • Divorce mediation and divorce counseling,
    • Marital and couple therapy,
    • Family therapy,
    • Child assessment and child therapy,
    • Trauma debriefing,
    • Stress relief programs,
    • Personal growth therapy,
    • Depression and psychiatric problems,
    • Addictions,
    • Group therapy,
    • Supervision,
    • Logotherapy.

Personal Information

Married to dr. André Bartlett, minister of the Dutch Reformed Church Aasvoëlkop, with three daughters.

Meaningful quotes

We can discover meaning in life in three different ways: (1) by doing a deed; (2) by experiencing a value; and (3) by suffering. Viktor Frankl

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