Barbara Johnson

The People Developer

Dr Barbara Johnson, The People Developer, has some 35 years’ experience in People Development.  Barbara believes in stepping out of her own comfort zone just as she asks her clients to do.

Barbara recently walked in excess of 300kms at El Camino in Portugal and Spain. The Wild Coast walk followed - some amazing life lessons learnt. 

Barbara is encouraging you to use your personal and/or professional frustrations / suffering or trauma to transform your life with meaning and purpose.  The invitation is to find your True-Self and transcend authentically into the greater service of self and others. 

Barbara is passionate about the upliftment of children.  She approaches their parents’ development usually through the means of corporate training and assistance programmes.

Leadership Dimensions, founded in 2002, is generatively influencing unique individuals across all life circumstances, gender, age and culture.  This approach to Sustainable Leadership evokes the unique individual’s life calling through one-on- one safe, confidential and sacred conversation.

Imagine what would happen to your world, even the world, when you get to live your ideal life.  Why should you settle for second best?

Imagine what would happen to your company, when you have staff members each living their ideal lives within your vision.  What would happen to performance, contribution and bottom line?  ROI of 12% on traditional training would be revolutionised!

Leadership Dimensions birthed Wellness Dimensions this year, 2013.  Together Sustainable Leadership and Wellness make for an exceptional recipe for much-improved Leadership in South Africa.

Personal note

Barbara Johnson (Dr – honorary doctorate) of Leadership Dimensions is very proud to have become a Gold Partner with PDA International. By using an online behavioural assessment, that takes 10 – 15 minutes and answering three questions, the candidate receives an incredibly accurate, detailed and graphic 22page report, which leads into a feedback session and the opportunity of 6 coaching sessions. Dr Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy is a natural fit and as a Diplomate Logotherapist, I am proud to marry the two for even better People Solutions and People Development across Trauma, Transformation and Transcendence.  

Barbara Johnson is a:

  • Honorary Doctorate – Recognized Prior Learning for 30+ years of study and research
  • Presently the only practicing Logotherapist in KZN
  • Offers Viktor Frankl counseling, coaching and workshops in KZN
  • Practice No: THO 699917


  • Diplomate Viktor Frankl Institute,
  • Personal Transformation Capacity Building – Unisa,
  • Quantum Energy (Attunement) Practitioner USA and SA,
  • Bachelor of Arts - Unisa,
  • TAG Graduate SA,
  • Quest Graduate SA
  • Business owner Leadership Dimensions since 2002

Contact details

The People Developer

THO Practice No: 079989

Meaningful quotes

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. Albert Camus

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