Experiential Learning

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From mentors, sages and by example, our own and others, we learn lessons, gain wisdom and enrich our lives.

This component of education is about our ‘experiential values'.

Viktor Frankl speaks of three chief groups of values: ‘Creative Values', ‘Experiential Values' and ‘Attitudinal Values'. “This sequence” says Frankl, “reflects the three principal ways in which man can find meaning in life.” In the case of ‘Creative Values' he is referring to what one gives to the world in terms of our creations. ‘Experiential Values', are about what we take from the world by way of encounters and experiences and lastly, through our ‘Attitudinal Values', we take a stand to our predicament in case we must face a fate, which we cannot change. (Frankl, 1969, p70)

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Application of Logotherapy

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Logotherapy comes to life

Our calling in life is inherently given, something we fundamentally experience ourselves to be, that we feel a deep and profound kinship with. It is also something that comes to us that confronts us through our lives. As a deep and rich potential talent, peculiar abilities, gifts, this spectrum of who I most fundamentally am, or sense myself to be, is also what I feel called upon to become. (Teria Shantall, Optimal Living Workshop.)

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Courses in Logotherapy

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Logotherapy is the most positive of all therapies because it addresses the negative and tragic issues of life not as lamentable afflictions we are all doomed to suffer, but as tasks we are challenged to embrace and overcome in a spiritually mature and victorious way.

Clinical psychologists, professional counselors, social workers, trauma and lay counselors reported that clients they have worked with, sometimes for years, undergo a dramatic and quick change after a Logotherapy approach was used in therapy and counseling. A will to meaning is the deepest and most fundamental motivation of every person, Viktor Frankl, the father of Logotherapy, contended. This has been proven true!

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Meaningful quotes

I think that taking life seriously means something such as this: that whatever man does on this planet has to be done in the lived truth of the terror of creation, of the grotesque, of the rumble of panic underneath everything. Otherwise it is false. Whatever is achieved must be achieved with the full exercise of passion, of vision, of pain, of fear, and of sorrow. How do we know ... that our part of the meaning of the universe might not be a rhythm in sorrow?
Ernest Becker

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